Included in the Web version of Computer Space 98 wherever possible is the capability of downloading a game’s "ROM Image" and playing it inside your computer with the aid of arcade game emulation software.

What’s a ROM Image?
A ROM Image is a copy of the software code originally "burned in" to an arcade game.

How do I use it?
With the aid of emulation software, such as the Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), you may play "the game itself" on a Pentium-level PC or a Power Macintosh computer.

Where can I find MAME?
The MAME emulators for both PC and Macintosh, as well as the ROM Images of almost 350 different games, are available from these and other sites:

   Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for Win32

   CMPNet Gamepower MAME page

How do I use MAME?
Documents in the .zip file containing the emulator also have more information about how to use MAME with the downloaded ROM Images.

Who made MAME?
Mame was released as freeware in January 1997 by Mirko Buffoni and Nicola Salmoria. Buffoni also maintains the official MAME site. MAME was ported to the Power Macintosh by Brad Oliver. Programmers from all over the world have contributed drivers, included in the software, enabling specific games to work under MAME.