The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers is maintained by James Hague, editor of Halcyon Days: Interviews with Classic Computer and Video Game Programmers.

The Killer List of Video Games (KLOV) is a product of the Video Arcade Game Preservation Society.


I.C. When is an ambitious chronology of the history of video games and computers from former Atari Corporation employee Donald A. Thomas. This colossus grew out of Thomas's original plan to create a simple Atari timeline.

Robert Jung created a simple Atari timeline.


Videotopia is comprehensive traveling exhibition about the history and technology of video games.


The History of Q*Bert as told by the game's graphics programmer/designer, Jeff Lee.


The First Church of Pac-Man is Pac-Man worship of the highest order.

Pac-Man Art, from Arthole, posits Pac-Man as artists' muse.

Pac-Land, from Noah Bolmer, is the starting point for a web-ring devoted to Pac-Man.

Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man game clones, collected by Kris High, can be downloaded from this site.

The Pac-Man street rod can be seen here.

Computer Space

Computer Space was inspired by Spacewar! (1962), the first computerized video game. An emulation of Spacewar!, which uses the Java programming language to emulate the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-1 computer (1960), is available from MIT, where the original Spacewar! was created. Because the PDP-1 emulation software is written in Java, the game can be played from within a window of a Java-compatible web browser without any additional software.