October 23–25, 2020

The Museum is partnering with Labocine to bring Bile directly to Museum members and patrons to view from home.

Available October 23–25. Registration required via Labocine. (Tickets: $10)

Presented in partnership with the Imagine Science Film Festival, which takes place online October 16–23.

Dir. Ira A. Goryainova. Belgium, 2019, 64 mins. A fascinating, introspective essay film that considers the human body as a political metaphor, Bile poses the questions: What is the body, what is illness, and finally, what is death? Exploring the history of medical imaging alongside reflections on the recent death of the director’s mother in post-Soviet Russia, Goryainova attempts to comprehend the complex subject of corporeality. Bile made its world premiere at the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. U.S. premiere.