Meat Joy. Courtesy EAI.

Screening & Live Event
From Contemplation to Chaos: An Avant-Garde Sampler

Part of Avant-Garde Masters
Saturday, January 29, 2011, 3:00 p.m.

With Millicent Brower, Larry Gottheim, and Carolee Schneemann in person Restored prints and video from the Harry Ransom Center, the New York Public Library, the Harvard Film Archive, Electronic Arts Intermix, and Chicago Filmmakers

This compilation program moves from dreamlike, meditative silence to a joyful, loud frenzy.

Norman Mailer, 1947, 9 mins.
Novelist Mailer’s surprisingly assured foray into surrealist cinema, starring Millicent Brower.

Larry Gottheim, 1969, 8 mins.
A radiant visual study of the changing light in a bowl of blueberries and milk.

Larry Gottheim, 1970, 7 mins.
A serene winterscape viewed through a door unlocks a rich world of textures and revelatory

Body Collage
Carolee Schneemann, 1967, 4 mins.
Schneemann turns her body into a collage to create a visceral “movement-event.”

Meat Joy
Carolee Schneemann, 1964, 11 mins.
An ecstatic document of performance art, filmed during Schneemann’s spectacular erotic rite at Judson Church in 1964.

Tom Palazzolo, 1976, 10 mins.
A frenetic, verbally abusive deli owner offers his own form of performance art.

Free with museum admission.

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