Time Passes Through the City

Cinematic Inclusions

Part of Panorama Europe
Saturday, April 12, 2014, 12:00 p.m.
Museum of the Moving Image

Presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania
Introduced by Lina Kaminskaite-Jancoriene, cinema historian and curator of Cinematic Inclusions 

Lithuania. 142 mins. Digital projection. New York premieres. This shorts program brings together seven of the most important Lithuanian documentaries from the 1960s to the 1990s that, together, form a portrait of a country transitioning from Soviet control to independence. The lineup includes groundbreaking films by Robertas Verba, which broke free of Soviet propaganda to forge a lyrical, defiantly nationalistic style in their depictions of everyday Lithuanians, as well as documentaries by post-USSR filmmakers who embraced an uncompromisingly realistic, cinéma vérité approach. Steeped in poetry, these vital works create a fascinating mosaic of 20th-century Lithuanian history.

The Old Man and the Land. Dir. Robertas Verba. 1965, 20 mins. 
The Dreams of the Centenarians. Dir. Robertas Verba. 1969, 20 mins. 
Time Passes Through the City. Dir. Almantas Grikevičius. 1966, 20 mins. 
A Trip Across the Misty Meadows. Dir. Henrikas Šablevičius. 1973, 10 mins. 
Ten Minutes Before the Flight of Icarus. Dir. Arūnas Matelis. 1990, 10 mins. 
Earth of the Blind. Dir. Audrius Stonys. 1992, 24 mins. 
The Black Box. Dir. Algimantas Maceina. 1994, 38 mins.

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