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The Moving Image Store has dozens of books for everyone including cinephiles, casual movie buffs, video gamers, and students. The Store also offers a selection of DVDs, specially-designed Museum souvenirs, and gifts for children and adults.

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Special Events

Book cover for Kenneth Turan's Not to be Missed
Book Signing with Kenneth Turan, author of Not To Be Missed: 54 Favorites from a Lifetime of Film, following the screening of Chinatown on August 3 (2:30 p.m.)

Price: $25.99
Member Price: $22.10
Public Affairs, 2014, 368 pages

The images and memories that matter most are those that are unshakeable, unforgettable. Kenneth Turan's 54 favorite films embrace a century of the world's most satisfying romances and funniest comedies, the most heart-stopping dramas, and chilling thrillers.

Turan discovered film as a child left undisturbed to watch Million Dollar Movie on WOR-TV Channel 9 in New York, a daily showcase for older Hollywood features. It was then that he developed a love of cinema that never left him and honed his eye for the most acute details and the grandest of scenes.

Not to be Missed blends cultural criticism, historical anecdote, and inside-Hollywood controversy. Turan's selection of favorites ranges across all genres. From All About Eve to Seven Samurai to Sherlock Jr., these are all timeless films—classic and contemporary, familiar and obscure, with big budgets and small—each underscoring the truth of director Ingmar Bergman's observation that "no form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul."

Kenneth Turan is the film critic for the Los Angeles Times and NPR's Morning Edition, as well as the director of the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes. He has been a staff writer for the Washington Post and TV Guide, and served as the Times' book review editor. A graduate of Swarthmore College and Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, he is the co-author of Call Me Anna: The Autobiography of Patty Duke. Turan teaches film reviewing and non-fiction writing at USC and is on the board of directors of the National Yiddish Book Center. His most recent books include Free for All: Joe Papp, The Public, and the Greatest Theater Story Ever Told and Never Coming To a Theater Near You. Turan lives in Los Angeles, California.

Book cover for Ara Osterweil's Flesh Cinema
Book Signing with Ara Osterweil, author of Flesh Cinema: The Corporeal Turn in American Avant-garde Film, following the event Flesh Cinema: Screenings of Flaming Creatures and Christmas on Earth on August 10 (3:00 p.m.).

Price: $34.95
Member Price: $29.70
Manchester University Press, 2014, 304 pages

Flesh Cinema: The Corporeal Turn in American Avant-Garde Film explores the groundbreaking representation of the body in experimental films of the 1960s and 1970s. Focusing on sexually explicit films by Andy Warhol, Barbara Rubin, Stan Brakhage, Carolee Schneemann, Yoko Ono, and Paul Sharits, this book demonstrates how experimental cinema not only transformed American visual culture, but also the lives of those who created it. By situating these films in relation to the civil rights and sexual liberation movements, Flesh Cinema investigates how social politics continue to inform their meaning.

Drawing upon unpublished archival materials, this book provides a rich account of the intimate artistic collaborations that inspired these films. Merging close readings with historical and biographical analysis, Flesh Cinema argues that queer forms of friendship were essential to the innovative representations of bodies on-screen. In doing so, it provides a fresh take on avant-garde cinema for film and art scholars and students.

Ara Osterweil is an Assistant Professor of Film and Cultural Studies in the English Department at McGill University

Highlighted Items

​3D Specs Contact Case
Price: $9.00
Member Price: $7.65
Contact lens case

Keep your lenses safe in this cool, 3D-glasses-styled case! This contact lens case is leak-proof and made from durable plastic with secure, snap lids. Press the button on the back for easy opening. 3D Specs are great for both hard and soft contact lenses.

The Architecture of the Screen
Price: $28.50
Member Price: $24.23
Author: Graham Cairns, 2013 (Softcover, 360 pages)

Have you ever found yourself captivated by a particular scene or singular, stunning shot in a film and wondered, “How or why the camera did do that?!” Through this collection of essays, architecture professor and multimedia auteur Graham Cairns answers those questions and much more. The valley between filmmaking techniques (cutting, dissolving, tracking, etc.) and audiences’ perceptions of space and movie sets is bridged through an exploration of film reviews, design plans and theoretical works. You will even discover how the birth of film’s visual language forever changed the life of architecture overall.

Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker by Lomography
Price: $79.95
Member price: $67.99
Load any kind of 35mm film, start rotating the easy-to-use advancing hand-crank and you will be on your way to making your own movies. The Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker shoots three to five frames per second at full speed and features continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11, so you can effortlessly adjust settings while filming.

The Film-Maker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom
Price: $14.95
Member price: $12.71
Edited by Jamie Thompson Stern, 2013 (Hardcover, 160 pages)

This compendium of quotes by filmmakers about filmmaking was made for filmmakers and fans alike. Learn something insightful or engaging from a 21st century indie director and turn the page to discover a piece of advice from one of the Golden Age of Hollywood’s auteurs that almost acts as an affirmation or a clever retort. Editor Jamie Thompson Stern compiled The Film-Maker Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom to sound like a spirited discussion on cinema throughout the ages.

Animation Studio: Everything You Need to Create Stop-motion Pictures on Your Cell Phone or Digital Camera
Price: $19.99
Member price: $16.99
Author: Helen Piercy 2013 (32 pages, ages 8+)
Learn how to build a storyboard, design a character and what “squash and stretch” means in the exciting world of animation. This boxed set includes a mini stage set, press-out props, a puppet monster with moveable parts, storyboard samples and sheets as well as an engaging animation handbook to help you create your very own animated movies. Whether you are creating with 3-D models, hand-drawn sequences or lighting a set to using a variety of camera shots, Animation Studio is the perfect gift for young film-makers ages eight and up.